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  • Официальный туристический справочник по Мальдивам

    Maldives to be featured on Japan TV



    Maldives will be featured in “WONDER AIRPORT, Michiko and Yashima’s Sky Travel-pedia”, a popular travel programme on Japan TV Channel 4, BS-Ch4 (BS Nippon, A subsidiary of Nippon Television Network).  This programme is telecast weekly on every Tuesday from 2200-2254hrs (Japan Time) reaching a vast audience of approximately 1.5 viewers in 2.3 million households nationwide.  The Spot Commercial Value of the programme is 2,200,000 yen/30sec.  That is approximately 27,848 US$ per 30 seconds.   

    The production team for the Maldives feature visited the Maldives from 5-11 June 2012.  Apart from extensively covering the GMR Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, they also covered the capital city Male’, aerial views with seaplane ride on Trans Maldivian Airways and Maldivian Airtaxi as well as the Beach House at Iruveli Maldives, Adaaaran Prestigevadoo and Hulhule Island hotel (Airport Hotel located at the INIA Airport).  

    The programme is about information on Airports and Airlines of the world.  Out of the 8,800 airports in the world including hubs and local remote airports, they choose one airport for each programme.  The airport is the main gateway to a country and every airport has its unique colours.  Based on the theme of the programme, “The Airport is not just an entrance, It could be a destination” for the travel, the programme will show all information of the airport and the airlines.  The camera will be roaming around the airport as a traveller to find interesting architecture facilities, arts, people, restaurants, shops and more, to present cities culture and trends as well as visiting Airline offices and facilities.  

    The Embassy of the Maldives in Japan coordinated this project together with the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation.  

    The total arrivals from Japan by the end of May 2012 is 13,023, which is a 1.6 percent decline compared to the same period in 2011.  Japanese market has been stagnant for the past 5 years.  In order to increase arrivals from Japan it is vital that we re-strategize market segmentation and product adaptation.  More projects like these to reach to the Japanese market as well as having a constant positive presence in minds of the target market are vital to regain the arrivals from Japan.


    For further information please contact;
    Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation
    4th Floor, H. Velaanaage, Ameer Ahmed Magu, Male' 20096, Rep. of Maldives
    Tel: +960 332 3228, Email: mmprc@visitmaldives.com



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