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  • モルディブ公式観光ガイド

    RFP: Project on design, print and production of a coffee table book of Maldives

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    1.1 Introduction

    1.1.1. Maldives Marketing and PR Corporation is seeking a party to Project on design, print and produce a coffee table book of the Maldives that supports the destination

    1.1.2. We MMPRC proposes to appoint a creative agency for undertaking the project of design, print and production of a Coffee Table Book on Maldives. 

    1.1.3. The Agency should be a multi-disciplinary design house that has diversified interest in working across sectors. Agencies need to have a strong design and aesthetic sense with comprehensive ability to conceive and execute design ideas. Prior experience of conceptualising and designing of Coffee Table Books will be an added advantage. Comprehensive details on present clientele are to be included in the proposal. 

    1.1.4. The Creative Agency would be appointed for on a project basis for the said project. 

    1.1.5. Interested Agencies are invited to submit their proposals for the assignment, which must include the following, as detailed subsequently in this document: 

    (i) A Technical Proposal and 

    (ii) A Financial Proposal

    1.1.6. It may be noted that 

    (i) The costs of preparing the proposal are not reimbursable and 

    (ii) MMPRC is not bound to accept any of the proposals submitted. 

    1.1.7. The Agencies are required to provide professional, objective, and impartial service and at all times hold the MMPRC’s interests paramount, without any consideration for future work, and strictly avoid conflicts with other assignments or their own corporate interests.

    1.1.8. Agencies have an obligation to disclose any situation of actual or potential conflict that impacts their capacity to serve the best interest of MMPRC, or that may be reasonably perceived as having this effect. Failure to disclose such situations by the Agency may lead to disqualification of the Agency or termination of the contract. 

    1.1.9. Agencies must observe the highest standards of ethics during the selection and execution of the contract. MMPRC may reject a proposal at any stage if it is found that the firm recommended for award has indulged in corrupt or fraudulent activities in competing for the contract in question, and may also declare a firm ineligible or blacklist the firm, either indefinitely or for a stated period of time, if at any time it is found that the firm has engaged in corrupt or fraudulent practices in competing for, or in executing, the contract. 


    1.2 Minimum Eligibility Criteria 

    1.2.1. The Agency should be able to provide a qualified Creative team for undertaking the project for MMPRC. The Agency team would work closely with the MMPRC. 


    1.3 Scope of Work 

    1.3.1. The project comprises 

    a) Conceptualising a design for the cover and inside pages 

    b) Design and concept for packaging of the book 

    c) Printing and production of the book 

    d) Printing and production of the packaging 

    1.3.2. The Coffee Table book will be a hardcover book. Pages will consist of photographs, small blocks of text/quotations, anecdotes, a brief note on the aspects covered for each sector is given in Annexure 1. 

    1.3.3. Target Audience will be the International Market, Decision makers, Investors, Missions abroad 

    1.3.4. The Book would have approximately 200 pages. 

    1.3.5. Design samples for the cover and inside pages are to be submitted as a part of the technical proposal. 

    1.3.6 Design samples for the packaging are to be submitted as part of the technical proposal. 


    1.4 Creative Agency Delivery 

    1.4.1. The Agency should be able to effectively bring out the essence of all their sectors through a design concept. 

    1.4.2. Agencies need to have a strong design and aesthetic sense with comprehensive ability to conceive and execute design ideas. Prior experience of handling a similar project will be an added advantage. 

    1.4.3. Samples of similar project done earlier can be submitted along with the proposal 

    1.4.4 Prints and production of all the concepts will have to be submitted. This should include: 

    - Design for the cover and inside pages for the coffee table book.
    - Design for the packaging for coffee table book
    - Packaging sample for the coffee table book 

    1.4.5. The participating agencies will also have to undertake the print and production for: 

    - Coffee table book
    - Packaging for the book 


    1.5 Preparation of Proposals 

    1.5.1 Agencies are required to submit a Technical proposal and a Financial Proposal as specified below. 

    (a) Technical proposal 

    1.5.2 The Agencies are expected to provide the Technical Proposal as specified in the RFP Document. Material deficiencies in providing the information requested for may result in rejection of a proposal. 

    1.5.3 The Technical Proposal shall contain the following documents: 

    (i) Letter of Technical Proposal Submission.
    (ii) Profile and Track Record of the Agency.
    (iv) Samples of similar projects handled in the past.
    (v) An undertaking on the letterhead of the Agency and signed by an authorized signatory, that the Agency will undertake the assignment, in accordance with the Scope of Work detailed in the RFP document and at the cost submitted by the Agency in the financial proposal (the cost is not to be indicated in the undertaking). The above undertaking submitted by the agencies would be binding on the Agency. 

    1.5.4 The Technical Proposal shall not include any financial information. 

    (b) Financial Proposal 

    1.5.5 In preparing the Financial Proposal, Agencies are expected to take into account the requirements and conditions outlined in the RFP document. 

    1.5.6 Letter of Financial Proposal should include: 

    (i) Complete cost of the project with break-up of costs for each of the items of work listed in the Scope of Work (Para 1.3.1 of this RFP Document) are to be submitted, namely, 

    - Design of the Coffee table book
    - Design of packaging
    - Print and production of the coffee table book for 1,000 nos
    - Print and production of packaging for 1,000 nos 

    1.5.7. Taxes / VAT as applicable in Maldives will be paid as per actuals and the same are not required to be indicated in the financial bid. 

    1.5.8. The cost quoted will be firm and fixed for the duration of performance of the contract. At no point of time will any deviation from the quoted rate be entertained by MMPRC. 

    1.5.9. The Financial Bid shall not include any conditions attached to it and any such conditional financial proposal shall be rejected summarily. 


    1.6 Submission of Proposals 

    1.6.1. The original proposal (Technical Proposal and Financial Proposal) shall be prepared in indelible ink. It shall contain no interlineations or overwriting, except as necessary to correct errors made by the firm itself. Any such corrections must be authenticated by the persons or person who sign(s) the proposals. 

    1.6.2. The Technical Proposal should be placed in a sealed envelope and super scribed “Technical Proposal” for Appointment of Creative Agency for Design, print and production of Coffee table book on Maldives for MMPRC  

    Further, the Financial Proposal shall be placed in a sealed envelope and super scribed “Financial Proposal” for Appointment of Creative Agency for Design, print and production of Coffee table book on Maldives for MMPRC. 

    1.6.3. If the Financial Bid is not submitted in a separate sealed envelope duly superscripted as indicated above, this will constitute grounds for declaring the Bid non-responsive 

    1.6.4. Both the sealed envelopes should be put into an outer envelope and sealed. The outer envelope shall be super-scribed “Technical & Financial Proposal for Appointment of Creative Agency for Design, print and production of Coffee table book on Maldives for MMPRC” with the due date for submission. The Bottom Left corner of the outer cover should carry the full name, address, telephone nos., e-mail ID etc. of the agency submitting the Proposal. 

    1.6.5. The outer envelope containing the sealed Technical and Financial Proposals should be addressed to: 

    Mr. Ibrahim Asim
    Deputy Director 

    Maldives Marketing & PR Corporation
    4th Floor, Velaanaage, Male’, Maldives
    Phone: +960 3323228  

    1.6.6. The Proposal should be submitted on or before 1315 hrs Thursday, August 28th 2014,

    1.6.7 No Proposal will be accepted after the deadline for submission and in the event of any proposal being received after the closing time for submission of proposals, the same shall be returned un-opened. 


    1.7 Opening of Proposals and Selection Process 

    1.7.1. The two bid system will be followed; the technical bids will be opened at first instance. At the second stage, the financial bids of only technically qualifying bidding parties will be accepted. The weightage for quality/ technical proposal and the Price bid will be in the ratio of 60:40. 

    1.7.2. The Technical proposals will carry weightage of 60 marks. Please refer to the evaluation criteria for the technical proposal. 

    1.7.3. The Financial proposal will carry a weightage of 40 marks. Please refer to the evaluation criteria for financial proposal. 

    1.7.4. Financial proposals of only the qualifying agencies, which cross a threshold score of 55 over a total 60 in the technical proposal, will be considered. 

    1.7.5. From the time the Technical Proposals are opened to the time the contract is awarded, if any Agency wishes to contact MMPRC on any matter related to its proposal, it should do so only in writing. Any effort by the Agency to influence the MMPRC in the proposal evaluation or contract award decisions may result in rejection of the proposal of the Agency. 


    Annexure 1 

    Overall brief on the book 

    The book endeavours to provide an unprecedented insight into the evolution of the Tourism sectors of Maldives; and also what the ‘Sunny side’ brand promise signifies for these products. 

    Maldives cater for the core traditional strengths such as, sun and beach lovers, couples and honeymooners, leisure, divers and snorkelers as well as rapidly growing segments such as Wellness & Spa, family, etc. 

    Under the main destination promotion slogan, Maldives...the sunny side of life, several sub taglines are used targeting specific segments which are as follows;

    -The Romantic Side of Life – For Weddings, honeymooners, couples segment

    -The Colourful Side of Life – For Underwater Beauty segment

    -The Spiritual Side of Life – For Wellness and Spa segment

    -The Thrilling Side of Life – For Water Sports and other water based activities segment

    -The Fun Side of Life – For Families segment

    Based on the destination segmentation, the concept should be developed keeping in mind the USPs of the destination such as, one island one resort concept, water bungalows, underwater restaurant/spa/discotheque, airport, aerial shots, seaplane, underwater (whale shark, dolphin, manta ray) whilst also showing local culture (boduberu, people, music, heritage sites), local cuisine, exclusive luxury image (infinity pools), etc.


    The percentage of marks will be awarded in the following proportions:

    Details Score (Marks)

    Technical Proposal - 60 Marks weightage  
    Completeness of proposal - 5 marks  
    Clarity on the Objective of the proposal - 5 marks  
    Design and concept - 40 marks  
        - Concept Note  
        - Uniqueness of ideas and suggestions presented  
        - Samples of the designs provided    
    Agency Credentials - 5 marks   
        - Profile and track record  
        - Samples of similar projects undertaken earlier  
    Discipline and commitment to timelines- 5 marks     

    Financial Proposal - 40 marks weightage
    - Complete cost of the project  
    - Breakup cost, where required, is essential  
    - Clear indication on cost components as follows:  
        - Design for Coffee table book    
        - Design for packaging  
        - Print/production of Coffee table book for 1,000 nos  
        - Print/ production of packaging for 1,000 nos  


    Selection Timeline:

    Summary of Activities



    Announcement of RFP

    10th August 2014

    1400 hrs

    Information Session (Optional)

    Thursday 14th August  2014

    1315 hrs

    Deadline for the submission of Proposals

    Thursday 28th August  2014

    1315 hrs

    Proposal Opening

    Thursday 28th  August  2014

    1315 hrs

    Evaluation of Proposals

    31st August – 4th September 2014


    Selection of winning party and Notification

    Monday 08th September  2014


    Award of Contract and Signing

    Thursday, 11th September  2014


    Submission Information

    Proposals must be submitted to MMPRC, at 1315 hrs on Thursday, 28th August  2014. Proposals submitted after the deadline WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. All proposals must be sealed and shall be addressed to: 

    Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation

    4th Floor, H. Velaanaage, Ameeru Ahmed Magu
    Male’ 20096, Republic Of Maldives

    Prospective bidders should submit their proposal in English language, clearly labelled as “RFP – “COFFEE TABLE BOOK OF MALDIVES”  

    Parties submitting by post should ensure that the proposal is received to MMPRC before the said deadline.

    All proposals will be opened at the same time in the presence of the attending parties on Thursday, 28th August  2014, at 1315hrs at MMPRC.  


    For more information or clarifications please call Mr. Ibrahim Asim on Tel. +960 3323228 or e-mail to ib@visitmaldives.com copied to procurement@visitmaldives.com and suhan@visitmaldives.com 

    All successful and unsuccessful bidders will be informed via email.


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