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  • モルディブ公式観光ガイド

    Let's Go Maldives Launches new website

    lets go maldives new website

    Let’s go Maldives (LGM) started business as a travel company in May 2005. Its business has grown over these years and LGM is now one of the best tour companies in the Maldives. 

    Multi award winning company Lets Go Maldives is very thrilled to announce the launching of their fascinating new website www.letsgomaldives.com as part of a dynamic evolution of the company’s visual identity, on 26 July 2013. Our website is expected to be a platform for you to plan and choose your next holiday in the Maldives. This new website not only has important and pertinent information about our company, it also has extensive information about this beautiful destination- Maldives.

    We are confident that the information in our website will definitely assist our clients and agents.  And everyone visiting our website will be exposed to valuable information about Maldives Tourism and the country too.

    Mr. Riyaz, MD of Lets Go Maldives said; - ” I am confident that this new website will assist us to serve all our clients more effectively and better.”


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