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  • モルディブ公式観光ガイド

    Maldives Traveller Launches Revolutionary Gift Reward Scheme

    Members of the Maldives Traveller website can now exchange points for free gifts

    Members of the Maldives Traveller website can now exchange their review points for free gifts. 

    Last year the Maldives Traveller launched a scheme to encourage holiday makers to share their memories of a stay in the tropical paradise of the Maldives by submitting personal reviews to the Maldives Traveller website (www.maldivestraveller.mv). Now, it has gone a stage further by rewarding those reviewers with free gifts.

    Each review is rewarded with a specific number of points and the author designated Reviewer, Senior Reviewer, Contributor, Senior Contributor and Maldives Ambassador depending on the quantity submitted. Each category qualifies for a specific number of points ranging from 3,000 to 50,000.

    The innovative Gift Reward Scheme of the Maldives Traveller now translates those points into gifts. Initially the gift catalogue will include memorable souvenirs from Maldives. The scheme is meant to encourage all members of the holidaying community to submit their reviews and claim their gifts.

    The beta version of Maldives Traveller website, launched in August 2012, also gives advice to potential visitors to the region whatever their purpose whether business or pleasure. The experiences of all types of holidaymakers: honeymooners, surfers, wedding parties and a host of others pursuing the endless variety of leisure, available in the resorts, are to be the inspiration for others to do the same. Those experiences the Maldives Traveller website is there to help share.

    Dozens have submitted their reviews and have saluted the uniqueness of the resorts and the life changing experience of a visit to the islands.

    To claim free gifts visit www.maldivestraveller.mv


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