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  • モルディブ公式観光ガイド

    Maldives marketing and PR Corporation launches the first destination digital and social media campaign


    Social Media

    To promote the destination and to have stronger presence in the social media world Maldives marketing and PR Corporation has launched a digital and social media campaign. The main aim and objective of the social media campaign is to attain an active reach in the main markets, to empower locals on destination promotion and also to utilize digital and social media platforms in attracting potential visitors 

    It’s evident over the years social media has become a must in all the marketing strategies which allows us to connect and build relationships much at a higher speed. The main target is to utilize and reach through the social media platforms; the official face book Maldives page, the official twitter account of Maldives and also through E newsletter subscription.  

    The aim is to achieve 10000 fans to Maldives face book page by the end of 1st may, to have stronger presence in the twitter account of Maldives and to increase the destination Newsletter Subscriptions.

    News regarding the destination and the latest news by tourism industry will be disseminated timely thought the Social media network and also it will be used as a communication channel with the industry. 

    To achieve the target MMPRC will be advertising through social media platforms, market specific media updates, connect with partners ; PR agents, journalists, operators and airlines and utilize feedbacks to further improve the destination marketing.  The Maldives e-newsletter will be monthly distributed starting from 1st of May.



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