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  • La guida ufficiale delle Maldive

    The Russian broadcasting company NTV chooses Maldives for their new TV project ‘Aviator’

    The Russian broadcasting company NTV has chosen Male international airport to feature for their next new TV project ‘Aviator’. Aviator is dedicated to events, developments and personalities in aircraft industry and  everything general to aviation industry. ‘Aviator’ which was launched in September 2006 has garnered  successful results in TVR ratings and public response.

    The program covers everything related to aviation; coverage on memorable destination airports, news from airline carriers (new routes, services and offers), aircraft technology, stories of everyday life of aircraft, stories dedicated to a new airport terminal, a typical day of an airline crew or the birth of “aircraft taxi”, and everyday life of the aviation schools. The program also presents practical advice for the passengers, reports from the major international and Russian air shows, investigations and historic chronicles (about creation of a legendary aircrafts and celebrities fascinated by aviation, etc.)

    Maldives airport being one of a kind with its only runway in the world that begins and ends in water, for tourists it is often their first memorabilia of Maldives when they touchdown on the unique landing on the runway. The program coverage will create valuable exposure for Maldives as it is the dynamic hub for both business and leisure where that serves the various international flights, domestic flights and primary connection between the island nation and the rest of the world.

    “Aviators” is aired on NTV Channel, which is the largest non‐governmental TV‐network in Russia. It covers the audience of approx. 100 million people in countries of former Soviet Union. It is also the main Russian language channel broadcasted all over the world via satellite.

    Russia has all along been a potentials market to the Maldives as it holds the segments for which Maldives tourism product can be attractive. Russia is the 6th largest market to Maldives with a 6.2% market share. Compared to last year arrival of 40, 014 tourists this year Maldives received a total of 49,111 tourists; a growth change of 22.7%.


    For more information, please contact:
    Mr. Mohamed Adam ‐ Deputy Director / Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation
    Telephone: +960 332 3228 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +960 332 3228      end_of_the_skype_highlighting / Facsimile: +960 332 3229
    Email: mtpb@visitmaldives.com / Website: www.visitmaldives.com


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