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  • Le guide de voyage officiel des Maldives

    RFP: Organizing a press familiarization trip to Maldives from Italy, Australia and Japan

    The Maldives Marketing & PR Corporation (MMPRC) is seeking the services of a professional Public Relations representative to organise a “Press Familiarisation Trip” from Italy, Australia and Japan


    - The group should consist of 5 - 6 journalists and 1 PR representative from each country 
    - The proposal should consist of the expected coverage from the participating journalist / magazine / media + its circulation details.
    - The PR representative should negotiate with the airline to get complimentary or discounted return tickets
    - Draft and distribute an invitation of the familiarization trip
    - The PR representative will work with the MMPRC to develop and confirm a final itinerary for the trip.
    -Full board accommodation, internal transfers and bed tax will be provided for a week. All extras will have to be borne by the journalists.
    - Proposed period: 5 days to 1 week between the period from 20th June – 25 July 2012

    2.Fam Trip from (Italy, Australia and Japan) Travel Trade and Media 2012

    Target of the fam trip is to generate current destination information via opinion leaders by means of exclusive reportage and to maintain close contact with key media and travel trade.

    The objectives are:
    -Maintain presence of the destination and raise awareness focusing on the current trends of the outbound market and destination tourism product
    -Increase the number of editorial announcements through continuous flow of up-to-date information

    3.Proporsal submission

    Interested parties must submit the proposal in accordance with the above guidelines to MMPRC (ib@visitmaldives.com / mmprc@visitmaldives.com ) latest by 1600hrs on 11th June 2012. If you need any additional information please feel free to contact at the above email for any queries.

    4.Evaluation Criteria

    For selecting the PR to work together with MMPRC in organizing the FAM trip

    Details Marks (%)

    Price/ Organization fee 60
    Company Profile 10
    Past Experience in handling such trips 30
    Total 100

    Kind regards,

    Ibrahim Asim* (IB)


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