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  • Le guide de voyage officiel des Maldives

    Up-date from MMPRC - Maldives spa closure Lifted by the President:

    The Maldives Marketing and PR Corporation hereby announces that the existing court case concerning of the closure of all spas in the Maldives has now reached the Supreme Court. At the time of writing this, a final decision and outcome has yet to be reached. However, the President has requested to the Supreme Court that a decision and outcome should be reached to draw this matter to a conclusion for the domestic population.


    In the meantime, the President has lifted the existing closure of spas for all resorts targeting foreigners. The spas will be operating as usual from 1800 Male 4th January 2012.


    The MMPRC will endeavour to keep the industry up-dated with any further developments and we apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused our colleagues and consumers. To date, no tourists have been affected by this domestic local issue.


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