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    The government of Maldives has opened sponsorship opportunities for the 17TH SAARC festival 2011, an Art and a cultural festival planned to be held in Addu City coinciding with the 17th SAARC Summit which will be held from 10-11 November 2011.

    Addu being the main focus of the entire south Asia, the main objective of the SAARC Cultural festival is to provide a place for the public in Addu City to enjoy the vibrancy of the City, while showcasing Addu City to the visiting delegates and international media expected to visit to cover the Summit. 

    The program for the SAARC Cultural Festival is being planned by the Addu City Council and local NGOs, with assistance from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and will be held from the 1st of November till 12th November 2011. 

    The activities are still in development but the following events will most likely take place:

    • Cultural dances from SAARC member countries, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh as well as acrobatics from China and a 20 piece orchestra from South Korea
    • A kite festival showcasing regional passion for kites
    • Local cultural program including Eid festivities
    • Music show with headline performance by Olympians/ Ehandhaanugai Retro and other local acts
    • Mr. MNDF body building competition to conclude the festival with fireworks
    • Sports events, showcasing traditional Maldivian sports like Bashi, Mandi, Baibala, etc
    • Other team sports such as bicycle race, one day futsal tournament, rowing and volleyball

      Additionally the following events will be held during the period:
    • Handicraft exhibition at the SAARC Convention Centre
    • Under 19 Cricket tournament between teams from SAARC member countries
    • Opening of the Addu Heritage Centre in Hithadhoo and Culture Centre in Fuah Mulah
    • Opening of the SAARC Member Country corners in Addu City
    The emphasis is community involvement and local artists working with regional performers, and bridging the cultural gap. The festival is to be held in the open space named "Stage Dhandu" near Hithadhoo Youth Centre, with some of the sports events being held in other areas of the City. The idea is to revitalize Addu city as a vibrant and dynamic for the community to gather and to explore the range of diverse cultural experiences of South Asia.

    Maldives Marketing and PR Corporation as the appointee to coordinate sponsors encourage and welcome companies and organizations to consider becoming a sponsor and be part of the upcoming SAARC festival. The Government of Maldives is offering a selection of sponsorship categories for your consideration and welcomes the contributions and support from the interested parties.
    Please see below to learn more about sponsorship opportunities and benifits.

    DOWNLAODS (right click and click 'Save As' to Download)
    - Sponsor guideline details

    - Application form



    For more information please contact:


    Mohamed Adam, Deputy Director

    Maldives marketing and PR Corporation

    Telephone: +960 332 3228

    Facsimile: +960 332 3229

    Email: mmprc@visitmaldives.com

    Website: www.visitmaldives.com


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