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  • La Guía Turística Oficial de las Maldivas

    Resort Hotel Guide 2013 ad space (back cover) auction

    Regarding the circular (number: 152-AFS/CIR/2012/32) to advertise on RHG 2013 back cover, 2 parties showed interests. We have now extended upto 24 hours for these 2 parties to send their price.

    Please send your bids to procurement@visitmaldives.com

    Latest bids sent must be on or before 15:00 hrs 04-12-2012. Any prices sent after this will not be counted.

    Please note that the price can only be increased with minimum of 200 USD from the latest price bidded (see below)

    Emails have been sent stating their prices and latest price with the time we received the email is stated below. This page will be updated with every new email we receive.

    Latest Bid

    USD 7700 (seven thousand seven hundred) - Monday, Dec 03, 1:09 pm

    For more information:
    Maldives Marketing & Public Remations Corporation
    Tel: +960 332 3228, Email: procurement@visitmaldives.com

    Working hours are from 0815 to 1615 hrs (sun - thur) 


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