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  • La Guía Turística Oficial de las Maldivas

    RFP: Maldives Roadshows, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Poland & Slovenia


    The Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) would like to invite you to send in quotations for organising a roadshow(s) in Prague (Czech Republic), Kiev (Ukraine), Warsaw (Poland) & Ljubljana (Slovenia) during 2012 targeted to 80-100 top travel agents selling Maldives. 

    The idea is to have a special Maldives theme evening in an exclusive setting and the right ambience to portray the high-quality image of the destination at which the travel agents are informed about the destination and its selling points. The arrangement should facilitate one-to-one information sessions via individual counters/tables setup for every partners from the Maldives Tourism Industry to interact with the Agents respective countries.

    I. Details to be submitted

    Interested parties please send in proposals with the details stated below; 

    1.    Cost breakdown of the total price quoted;
    1.1  Suggest a date(s) during July
    1.2  Management fee
    1.3  Venue Hire
    1.4  Individual counter/table setup for the participants from Maldives (B2B session)
    1.5  Welcome cocktails/drinks
    1.6  Canapés
    1.7  AV equipment
    1.8  Invitations management
    1.9  Follow-up report and documentation
    1.10  [Additional items-please specify]

    2.    Company Profile with information on work for past 2 years. 
    2.1  This should include proof of at least two projects that you have undertaken most recently with client references 

    II. Important Information

    -All the documents submitted along with the proposal must be in English and all values calculated in US$.
    -Proposals received after the deadline or incomplete proposals will be disqualified.
    -MMPRC will pay 50% of the total price quoted within 14 days of confirming the contract.  The balance payment will be settled within 14 days of the completion of the project.  That is, 14 days after the function has taken place.
    -Additional services outside the proposal needs to be ordered separately by the contractor on behalf of MMPRC (with prior approval) and billed to MMPRC.
    -Any cost which may arise outside of the above quotation shall be borne by the contractor.
    -MMPRC will make the final decision and reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, if it is deemed in the best interests of MMPRC to do so.
    -Deadline to submit the proposal is 15th June 2012 and should be sent electronically to naju@visitmaldives.com

    III. Evaluation Criteria

    Evaluation will be done based on the following criteria;
    -Management fee 30%
    -Total cost of hosting the event (excluding management fee) 30%
    -Past experience and excellence of work in similar projects 30%
    -Company profile 10%

    IV. Contact

    For further information please contact;

    Mr. Najumulla Shareef
    Senior Marketing Officer

    Telephone: +960 3323228
    Email: naju@visitmaldives.com / mmprc@visitmaldives.com


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