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  • La Guía Turística Oficial de las Maldivas


    SIX SENSES LAAMU, Maldives; August 02, 2011 – Top Australian chef and celebrity Peter Evans, recently visited the newly opened Six Senses Laamu in the Maldives. Six Senses Laamu caught up with him for a quick interview and asked him what his impression of the Maldives was on this latest visit.





    Peter’s love of food and cooking has stretched over 20 years. He opened his first restaurant in Australia, The Pantry, in 1993 and went on to open the Hugos Group, which includes a successful chain of restaurants. Peter also opened a pizzeria six years ago called Hugo's Bar Pizza and won "Best Pizza in the World" in 2005 during a New York competition. In his native Australia he has appeared in or hosted a range of television cooking programs, including Fresh with the Australian Women's Weekly (2007 - 2009), Home, Fish and Cooking For Our Princess Mary. Since 2010, he has also been the co-host and judge on the prime time show My Kitchen Rules. He is well known in Australia for his brilliant cooking and promoting a healthy lifestyle with a sense of wellbeing.

    Q. Why have you come to the Maldives?

    A. I have come to the Maldives to do some cooking demonstrations and also do some guest chef dinners for the guests of Six Senses Laamu using local produce.  This is my third trip to the islands and I am always so blown away by the sheer beauty of this place. The water is the bluest I have ever seen.

    Q. What was your impression of the Maldives….before you came?

    A. The Maldives has always been one of those places that you must visit at least once in your lifetime.

    Q. What do you think of it now you are back? Would you recommend it to your friends?

    A. It is just as beautiful as I remembered. No photograph can capture the beauty – you have to see it in real life to believe it. I always recommend it to my friends. The natural pristine beauty and the sense of pure escape is simply unique in the world. Every-one I know wants to come here.

    Q. What has amazed you the most about the Maldives?

    A. I think the thing that amazes me is how friendly the locals are and how well they know their own history and culture/they are very proud and friendly to the guests.

    Q. People say that the Maldives is a “honeymoon only” destination – would you agree?

    A. No, it has something for everyone from the thrill seekers (surfing, diving, fishing, etc) to the busy executive that just needs to switch off and reboot their system but of course, for the lovers there is no better place in the world.

    Q. What do you think of the Maldivian ingredients and food? What would be the perfect meal here?

    A. I love the local seafood and the curries the locals make. So a beach BBQ followed by some amazing curries and local treats watching the sun set would pretty much be my idea of heaven!

    Q. The Maldives (especially Soneva and Six Senses) has a strong bias for locally sourced foods and sustainability–did you see this when you were here?

    A. Yes I did as they have their own vegetable garden where food is picked daily and they also source seafood from the local fisherman. The produce is so fresh.

    Q. Would you like to film an episode of Masterchef or the latest big cooking show on location in the Maldives?…..Would it work?

    A. I think that would be my idea of the dream job. The perfect setting. How good would that look on TV!

    Q. The Maldives is currently looking for a new slogan for its Tourism board – what would your suggestion be…?

    A. “The Maldives has something for everybody”

    You can learn more about Peter Evans and his latest book, “Book My Kitchen” (released September 2011) at www.peterevanschef.com.au


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