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  • The Official Travel Guide of the Maldives
    Travel Agents » Reollo Travel PVT LTD

    Reollo Travel PVT LTD

    • Type: TravelAgent
    • H.Thuniya, 08th Floor
      Boduthakurufaanu Magu
      Male’, Republic of Maldives
    • Telephone: +960 334 6004
      Fax: +960 333 2751
      Email: reservations@reollo.com
      URL: http://www.reollo.travel
    Reliable Reollo Travel - one of the leading Maldivian travel operators. With offices in Singapore and Maldives, Reollo Travel operates with an utmost commitment to professionalism, sincerity and reliability. In contrast to typical travel agencies in the Maldives, Reollo Travel goes further and deals with the entire range of travel services for both individual and corporate clients. Experience Reollo Travel is a team of professionals with experience of more than 10 years in the travel industry. Always available We have moved our head office to Singapore to provide a better round the clock service to our partners. With our presence in 2 different time zones, we are now available all 24/7 and are able to respond quickly and effectively. We provide online support via ICQ & Skype, hotline support (via mobile) for our partners and tourists. Information support We provide weekly news and latest special offers updates (via e-mail) for our partners. Quick communications We have the rule of a quick reply (please copy to reservations@reollo.com). Multilingual staff We have also brought on a number multi-lingual staff at our Maldives office to ensure smooth and effective interaction with our partners' clients should the need arise (Russian, Maldivian, Japanese, Italian, French, Chinese etc). VIP services VIP lounge in the airport (with customs and passport control) VIP meeting in the airport Private transfers (luxury yachts, private seaplane charters, private speedboat) Ground handling for private jets, yachts, cruises More destinations Maldives is only one of our destinations. The move to Singapore has also opened the doors for us to enter into Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia inbound markets and we have started featuring a few selected mid and high-class resorts in Thailand, Malaysia and some city hotels in Singapore. We have wonderful offers such as twin package “Malaysia + Singapore”!