The more popular outdoor activities in the Maldivian resorts include scuba diving and snorkelling. However, there are many other outdoor sport activities available at the resorts. To make your stay in Maldives fun and adventurous, resorts have invested in building exceptional outdoor sport facilities.

The most popular sport in the Maldives is football. Accordingly there are quality football pitches on resorts where you can showcase your playing skills. Beach football is also played on the white sandy beaches, where manoeuvring the ball accurately is a tough affair. Excellent football grounds covered in synthetic grass are also available at the resorts.

Volleyball is another popular outdoor sport in the Maldives. The beaches at resorts offer the perfect location for beach volleyball games. Some resort islands offer volleyball courts further inland with plain surfaces. Enjoy a game of volleyball at the beach or inland with your buddies.

Basketball fans can try out their hand in the game. There are resorts in the Maldives that have hard surfaced basketball courts for you to play the game.

A combination of racquet based sports can be played in the outdoor courts of the resorts. Quality pitches have been built for racquet sport enthusiasts. Some of the popular racquet based sports in the resorts include badminton, tennis and beach tennis.

Some visitors prefer to jog around the beach of their resort island barefoot. Others enjoy cycling around the island, while taking in the sights of the natural surroundings. Outdoor sporting equipments, gears, clothing and accessories can be purchased or rented from resort shops. Maldives offers the opportunity for you to engage in your favoured outdoor sport during your stay. 

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