Visit the major resort islands to enjoy a vibrant nightlife in the Maldives. From chilling out in the underwater nightclubs to beach parties at night, you can have a happening time here. Resort islands organise lively entertainment every night to keep the visiting guests amused.

There is not only underwater night club in the Maldives, but there is also an underground nightclub. Revel in the elegant atmosphere created down under as you party all night long. Periodically Resort islands host performances of International DJ’s. Sway your body in tune with the funky music played by the DJ’s.

Lounge in the bars created in heavenly settings as you enjoy a drink. Resort islands have created varieties of bars and nightclubs for visitors. Showcase your dancing skills at the discos or sing karaoke style in the karaoke clubs. Regularly local artists perform in resort gigs. Enjoy a classy evening where traditional music and dance ensembles entertain you.  

Most of these bars are located near the beach giving you a stunning view of the relentless sea. Celebrate in a romantic ambience accompanied by other couples while indulging in tropical themed drinks. Relish in the scintillating collection of cocktails, beers, wines and spirits available at the resorts. You will be treated to some of the unique and limited brands of wine selection found on the planet.

The Maldives is the best place for everything that involves the beach. Brighten your nights and fill them with adventure by joining a beach party. Partake in barbecues that are set on the beach. Have fun with activities like crab racing while you spend a memorable night at the beach. Watch a movie at cinemas built in natural settings like jungles.

In the inhabited islands alcohol is prohibited. However, there are many great restaurants that remain open till one in the night. Savour a dinner of your favourite international cuisine in the numerous restaurants available at the resorts and the capital Male’.  

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