Guest houses are a great opportunity for visitors looking for a budget holiday in the Maldives. During recent years, numerous guest houses ventures have been initiated in the inhabited islands of various atolls. In addition to guaranteeing a budget holiday, guest houses offer a real experience of the Maldivian way of life.

In most islands guest houses are built on scenic areas like beach fronts. Comfortable accommodations and lavish facilities provide a relaxing stay for guest house visitors. Guest house operators organise varieties of activities and excursion trips to other islands to keep the visitors entertained.

Interact with the locals and learn about island life during your stay. Experiment with local cuisine as you have the opportunity to eat out at local establishments. Guest houses provide you access to some of the most remote areas of the country preserved in their natural glory.

Explore the following list of noteworthy guest houses to choose your budget holiday getaway in the Maldives. 

View Guest Houses in Maldives.

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