There are some selected resorts in the Maldives that offer the sport of golf for devoted golfers. These selected resorts provide a unique golfing experience for enthusiasts of the precision club and ball sport. Golf courses in the Maldives are maintained in an environmentally friendly manner.

The golf courses in the Maldives are set in peaceful areas surrounded by palm trees, exotic flora, white sandy beaches and turquoise lagoons. The golf resorts also have golf shops that sell golf equipment, apparel, gear and merchandise. Helpful caddies will be at your service while you enjoy the sport.

Some golf resorts in the Maldives provide full size driving range and large putting green area. There is also a nine-hole golf course which includes par three and par four holes. The golf courses in the Maldives are perfect for seasoned and beginner golfers. You can enjoy refreshments and snacks in the golf bars while you play golf amid breathtaking surroundings.

There are some resorts that offer full swing golf simulators. Partake in this technologically advanced form of indoor golf. Maldivians like to add a local touch to everything. Hence, some golf resorts have made unique ocean driving ranges for golf enthusiasts. The drive balls used in this ocean driving ranges are made of fish food!

Browse a list of selected resorts in the Maldives that complements your holiday experience with access to golf:

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