The picture perfect islands of the Maldives are ideal for filmmaking. Nature has designed the perfect set for filming here. The flawless sandy white beaches, sparkling clear lagoons, palm fringed beaches are a filmmakers dream come true. Hundreds of islands in pristine condition are waiting to be captured by the lenses of your camera.

Over the last decades, many award winning underwater documentaries has been filmed in the Maldives. Few places on earth offer a diverse and colourful underwater environment like the Maldives, enriched with over 2000 species of fish and numerous varieties of corals.  Some of the largest pelagic fish on earth calls the Maldives home. Rarest of fishes and unexplored underwater sceneries are on offer in the Maldives.

Recent years have seen an increasing number of International companies choosing the perfect natural settings of the Maldives for filming. Famous multinational television networks and channels have filmed many reality shows and documentaries in the uninhabited islands.

The locations on offer in the Maldives are second to none. There is no better place on earth than the Maldives for aerial filming. Fly in a seaplane over the pearl like islands scattered across the endless Indian Ocean and witness nature’s perfect landscaping.

The consistent weather throughout the year makes scheduling for filming easier. Visibility is excellent for the better part of the year. Full privacy can be enjoyed during filming in uninhabited islands, as there will not be a soul around.

After a busy day of filming relax in the luxurious accommodations provided by world-class resorts of the country. Indulge in the best hospitality on offer in the planet during your filming adventure.

Obtaining permits and making arrangements for filming in the Maldives is an easy affair. Please visit this link for more information about filming procedures in the Maldives.

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