The local cuisines of Maldives are based around fish, coconuts and starches. From generation to generation Maldivians have preserved an authentic cuisine appropriate for the tropical nature of the country. The Maldives is second to none when it comes to making dishes that includes fish. Spicy curries are a favourite in dining tables.

For evening tea and breakfast traditional short eats or snacks are used by the locals. Most of these snacks are made from fish and different varieties can be found. Visit a local cafe or restaurant during your stay to sample local culinary delights.

In the resort islands and the capital Male’ you will be treated to any cuisine you desire. Hundreds of restaurants are operating throughout the country offering international flavours. Large resort islands have more than one restaurant that offers cuisine from different countries. In Male’ also you can find posh restaurants that offer taste bud tantalising food.

Good range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages is available in the resorts. However, alcoholic beverages are not available in the inhabited islands. International chefs prepare supreme food in the restaurants. These restaurants located in resorts are set in picturesque locations where you can enjoy an exquisite atmosphere.

Try at least one local delicacy before you conclude your visit to the Maldives. Savour foods prepared by international chefs, for international visitors in international restaurants. You will never feel homesick for food, during your stay in the Maldives. 

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