There are four international and six domestic airports in the Maldives. Click the following airport names for more details:

International Airports

1.  Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (MLE)

This airport, which is popularly known as the Male’ International Airport is the gateway to the Maldives. Ibrahim Nasir International Airport is located in Hulhule’. The airport is connected to the capital Male’ by a 10 minute ferry boat ride.

Over 30 International Airlines operate daily flights to this airport. Due to the single runway, it is one of the safest airports in the world. Maldives Customs Service and Department of Immigration and Emigration provide their services continually in the airport. A world class duty free shopping area is present at this airport.

Facilities available at Ibrahim Nasir International Airport include 24 hours healthcare centre, infant and mother care room, free trolley services, baggage storage and wrapping services, free shower room, prayer room, VIP lounge, smoking lounge, internet kiosk, communication offices and banking service.

Transfers to other resort islands and hotels originate from this airport through domestic flights, seaplanes, speed launch and ferry boat services.

Visit the Maldives Airports Company Limited’s website for detailed information about this airport.

2.  Gan International Airport (GAN)

Gan International Airport is located on Gan island in Addu City, the southernmost atoll of the country. This airport originated from an airstrip used by the Britain’s during the Second World War.

This airport is the main access point for the southern parts of the country. International charter flights and private jets frequently use this airport to reach the nearby resorts.

Daily scheduled flights operate from Gan International Airport to other airports in the country including Ibrahim Nasir International Airport. Customs and Immigration services are provided here.

Visit the website of the Gan International Airport for detailed information about this airport.

3.  Hanimaadhoo International Airport (HAQ)

Hanimaadhoo International Airport is located in Haa Dhaalu Atoll Hanimaadhoo island. Currently international flights operated from this airport fly only to neighbouring India.

Daily scheduled flights are operated from and to this airport from other domestic and international airports in the country. Private jets and charter jets are also flown here.

For tourists, Hanimaadhoo International Airport provides access to the northernmost atolls of the Maldives; Haa Alifu and Haa Dhaalu atolls.

4.  Villa International Airport (VAM)

Villa International Airport is situated on Maamigili island of Alifu Dhaalu Atoll. The airport currently operates scheduled domestic flights to six different atolls of the Maldives including Kaafu Atoll, Addu Atoll, Gnaviyani Atoll, Baa Atoll, Dhaalu Atoll and Alifu Alifu Atoll.

From this airport, tourists can transfer to the nearby resort islands in sort speed launch journeys.

Domestic Airports

1.  Dharavandhoo Airport (DRV)

This domestic airport located on Baa Atoll, Dharavandhoo Island was opened in October 2012. Local airlines operate daily scheduled flights to this airport.

Speed launch service is available to continue the journey to the popular resorts of Baa atoll.

2.  Thimarafushi Airport (TMF)

Thimarafushi Airport is located on Thimarafushi island of Thaa Atoll. This domestic airport became operational in 2013.

Currently scheduled flights fly into this airport from Ibrahim Nasir International Airport. Speed launch transfer to nearby resorts in Thaa Atoll is arranged through this airport.

3.  Kadhdhoo Airport (KDO)

This domestic airport located on Kadhdhoo island of Laamu Atoll is the result of one of the earliest airport building projects of the country. The airport is connected to inhabited islands of the atoll by a causeway.

Scheduled flights from other domestic and international airports of the country fly to this airport. Kadhdhoo airport provides access to the resorts in the atoll through speed launch transfers.

4.  Kooddoo Airport (GKK)

Kooddoo Airport, located on Kooddoo Island of Gaafu Alifu Atoll was opened in 2012. This island is home to one of the leading fish processing factories of the Maldives.

Kooddoo Airport provides speed launch transfer to resorts of the atoll and daily schedules flights fly to this airport from other regions of the country.

5.  Kaadedhdhoo Airport (KDM)

Kaadedhdhoo Airport is located on Gaafu Dhaalu atoll, Kaadedhdhoo island. This airport was opened on 1993.

Daily scheduled flights fly to this airport and speed launch transfer is available to nearby destinations.

6.  Fuvahmulah Airport (FVM)

Fuvahmulah Airport is located in the one and only island present in Gnaviyani Atoll. The airport became operational in 2011.

The airport is used for scheduled flying to the Capital Male’ City. It also provides access to guest houses located in Fuvahmulah.

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