Airport Representatives

All the major Resorts and Hotels welcome their guests to the Maldives through specially appointed Airport Representatives. These Airport Representatives are based just outside the arrival hall of the Ibrahim Naisr International Airport (MLE). Their services are available for twenty four hours, every single day.

There are stalls in the airports displaying names of their respective Resorts and Hotels. These stalls will be manned by representatives of the Resorts and Hotels who will assist you and facilitate your transfer to the chosen holiday destination. The Airport Representatives will assist you settle any unfortunate issues that might arise in the airport.

Airport Representatives will help you collect your luggage and provide information about your Resorts or Hotels. Once you reach the International Airport, from there you will be transferred to your holiday getaway. The Airport Representatives will arrange your transfer in a domestic airline, seaplane, speed launch and ferry boats depending on your destination.

Airport Representatives in the Maldives are highly trained professionals who are capable of conversing in various languages. Most of the time, Resorts, Hotels and Travel Agencies will arrange for you to be greeted by an Airport Representative who will converse in your own language.

Reach your dream holiday retreat without any hassle at the airport with the professional help of Airport Representatives.

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