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  • The Official Travel Guide of the Maldives

    RFP: Co-ordination of Familiarisation Trip for French Media

    1.0 Introduction

    The Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) is seeking the services of a Public Relations Agency to organise a group media familiarisation trip for French media to be realised before the end of October 2013.

    2.0 Objective

    The objective of hosting the press trip is to;
        2.1 Maintain presence of the destination in the French market
        2.2 Increase the number of editorial announcements in the French media through continuous flow.
        2.3 Generate up to date product information via opinion leaders by means of exclusive reportage
        2.4 Maintain close contact with key media and travel trade.

    3.0 Scope of work

        3.1 Develop a concept/theme and programme for the familiarisation trip based on the current outbound trends for French holiday makers and targeting the most relevant segments eg:
        -Beach holidays
        -Surfers, divers & sea sports enthusiasts

        3.1 Identify print media reaching the potential target segments for Maldives and propose to MMPRC. The group should consist of 6 journalists representing French media reaching the target segments of interest and 1 host from the PR agency.
        3.2 Develop and distribute invitations with preview information to the relevant media highlighting the appeal and theme of the familiarisation trip.
        3.3 Negotiate with airlines to get complimentary or discounted tickets to support the familiarisation trip. [Provision of complimentary tickets will be an added advantage].
        3.4 Distribution of press material prior to the press trip
        3.5 Overall Journalist care and coordination during the Familiarisation Trip
        3.6 Work closely with MMPRC to develop and confirm the final itinerary for the trip.
        3.7 Follow up with media invitees after the press trip
        3.8 Compilation of press trip report for MMPRC with clippings on the media coverage generated from the press trip. The clippings report should include a summary of the report in English language.
        3.9 Full board accommodation via hosting resorts, internal transfers and bed tax will be provided by MMPRC. All extras will have to be borne by the individual journalists/PR representative.

    4.0 Submission Guidelines

    The proposal should specify target media / type of publication / circulation and demographic profile. The main target media of interest are Trade press, Travel magazines, Daily newspaper (travel section), Lifestyle magazines and Press Agencies.

    All proposals must include;

        4.1 Company Profile
        4.2 Breakdown of costs proposed in Euros (€). All costs associated with organising and hosting the trip, including management fees, air fares and any operational costs which would be incurred, should be included in the proposal.
        4.3 Details of guaranteed coverage (media/magazines), number of articles, target audience and reach
        4.4 Information on similar work undertaken in the past 2 years and 2 references
        4.5 All the documents submitted along with the proposal must be in English.
        4.6 Proposals received after the deadline or incomplete proposals will be disqualified.

    5.0 Evaluation Criteria

    Evaluation will be done based on the following criteria;


    Marks (%)

    5.1 Proposed Fee for organisation and execution of the tasks requested*


    5.2 Company Profile


    5.3 Ability to comprise relevant media/guaranteed number of articles and reach


    5.4 Past Experience in handling similar work       




    6.0 Proposal Submission

    Interested parties must submit their proposal in accordance with the above guidelines to MMPR electronically to procurement@visitmaldives.com and afra@visitmaldives.com on or before Thursday, 1st August 2013.


    7.0 Contact

    For further information you may contact;

    Ms. Fathimath Afra,
    Deputy Director.

    4th Floor, Velaanaage, Ameer Ahmed Magu, Malé 20094, Republic of Maldives

    Tel: +960 332 3228, Fax: +960 332 3229
    E-mail: afra@visitmaldives.com / procurement@visitmaldives.com


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