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  • The Official Travel Guide of the Maldives

    2nd Announcement to Appoint a Creative Agency to Produve a Promotional Video and Jingle

    Destination Segmentation

    To cater for the core traditional strengths such as sun and beach lovers, couples and honeymooners, leisure, divers and snorkelers as well as rapidly growing segments such as MICE, Wellness and Spa, family, etc.


    Maldives Marketing and PR Corporation is seeking the services and expertise of an agency to produce a destination video, commercial and a jingle that supports the destination promotion slogan  ‘Sunny Side of Life’.

    Option 1  
    a. 30 minute destination video
    b. 3 minute destination video
    c. 30 seconds commercial video
    d. 15 seconds commercial video
    e. Destination Jingle that supports the video/s 

    Option 2
    a. 3 minute destination video
    b. 30 seconds commercial video
    c. 15 seconds commercial video
    d. Destination Jingle that supports the video/s

    The agency shall carry out the Services in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

    1.1 The Agency shall shoot in mutually agreed locations in Maldives and should be on DVCAM, HDV, HD and DV formats.

    1.2 The Agency shall be able to:
    a) Submit written scripts and storyboard of the above mentioned jobs to the Client for pre approval.

    b) Submit a copy of the above mentioned jobs to the Client for pre approval and acceptance before the final product is submitted. All copies submitted should be in high definition (HD format).  If the Client does not approve the above mentioned copy it shall notify the Agency of the reasons for such disapproval and the Agency shall be obliged to resubmit a new version for approval.

    c) Provide to the client, all the raw footage on DVCAM, HDV, HD, DV format of the shoot for the above mentioned job (Clause 1.1).

    d) It is the responsibility of the Agency to use all equipment and props/models, etc required for the project.  Hiring of equipment, sub-contracting, agreements between models, and all work relating to the project is the sole responsibility of the Agency.  MMPRC shall not be liable for any disputes arising from the above. 

    e) All footage used should be original, shot solely for the purposes of this RFP and should not have been used elsewhere whatsoever.   

    f) MMPRC will solely own the rights to all video footage and jingle.


    2.1 Company Profile and Registration Certificate:
    A company profile with details of organizational capacity and previous works/awards stated in clause 2.2 and 2.3 should be submitted along with the bids. In addition to these documents, a copy of company registration certificate should also be submitted. Marks will NOT be awarded for respective categories for the bids that are received with incomplete information.

    2.2 Organizational Capacity and Set up: 
    Summary of the firm’s financial background and resources that are available to undertake the project should be outlined in the bid. An organizational chart with the list of the Agency’s departments and the number of staff in each department should be submitted. Also provide a list of the principal personnel that would lead the project, along with a short biography for each, listing their qualifications and relevant experience.
    2.3 Previous work and Awards: 

    Please provide information on what makes your organization uniquely qualified to take on this project.  Provide proof of previous work for similar projects.  Also, provide testimonials and reference contact details from at least two clients. Include details of any awards or any successful projects completed in the past.

    2.4 Budget
    Proposed budget for the project should include a breakdown of all costs eg: filming, editing and any other associated cost.  Proposal should also include a suggested payment schedule and the rationale/deliverables behind it.  

    2.5 Project Timeline
    Include a schedule, timeline and cost for producing each video and Jingle.

    The percentage of marks will be awarded in the following proportions:



    Score %














    4.1 Price quoted must be in Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR) and shall be valid for at least 60 days from the closing date.
    4.2 Each Agency shall submit only one bid.
    4.3 The selected Agency will be responsible for any copyrights issues /plagiarism resorted to by the Agency.  MMPRC will not be a party to any dispute arising out of copyright violation /plagiarism by the Agency. 
    4.4 Any cost which may arise outside of the above quotation shall be borne by the agency.
    4.5 The bidding documents are and shall remain the exclusive property of MMPRC without any right to the bidder to use them for any purpose except bidding and for use by successful bidder with reference to the contract.
    4.6 After submitting the story board, MMPRC will facilitate the logistics (accommodation, internal transfers, photo flights) for shooting with regard to the approved story board 

    4.7 An information session will be held in MMPRC on Tuesday 04th December 2012 at 1000 hours 

    5. Submission Information:-

    5.1 Bids must be submitted to MMPRC, at 1400 hours on Wednesday 19th December 2012. Bids submitted after the deadline WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. All bids must be sealed and shall be addressed to: 

    Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation
    4th Floor, H. Velaanaage
    Ameeru Ahmed Magu
    Male’ 20096
    Republic Of Maldives

    5.2 Prospective contractors should submit their proposal written in English - clearly identified 
    5.3 Bids will be opened at the presence of all the bidders at 1405 at MMPRC on 
    Wednesday 19th December 2012

    6. Questions
    For more information or clarifications please call Mr. Mohamed Nazeeh on Tel. +960 3323228 or e-mail to nazeeh@visitmaldives.com cc to procument@visitmaldives.com

    7. Selection Timeline: 

    Summary of Activities



    Re- Announcement of RFP

    Monday, 02nd November 2012

    1400 Hours

    Information Session

    Tuesday, 04th December 2012

    1000 Hours

    Deadline for the submission of Proposals

    Wednesday 19th December 2012

    1400 Hours

    Bid Opening

    Wednesday 19th December 2012

    1405 Hours

     All successful and unsuccessful bidders will be informed via email.

    Downloads this RFP in PDF


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