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  • The Official Travel Guide of the Maldives

    MTDC opens bid for Herathera Island Resort


    The Maldives Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) opens bid for Herathera Island Resort a 544-bed property in Addu atoll.  The MTDC, in their announcement have stated that they are looking for appropriate parties for a joint venture partnership for the operation/management of the resort OR for an outright purchase of the property. 

    Herathera is situated in the southern-most tip of Maldives and is 10 minutes by speed boat from the
    Gan International Airport in Addu Atoll.  The resort houses 544 beds which are spread over the length of 4km.

    Addu Atoll offers an exclusive tourism product with its location right in the middle of the equator, unique settings, distinguished culture, history, vegetation and lots more to explore.  The opening of the international airport in Gan opened gateway to this region.  With the development of more resorts, there are now reliable connections betwen the capital Male’, via Maldivian, Mega Maldives and Flyme.  Gan is about a 70 minute flight south of Hulhule International Airport, the main airport near Male’. After about 55 of the 70 minute flight, your flight crosses the equator then continues about 15 minutes to Gan.


    For further information please visit;

    Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation
    4th Floor, H. Velaanaage,
    Ameer Ahmed Magu, Male' 20096, Rep. of Maldives
    Tel: +960 332 3228, Email: mmprc@visitmaldives.com


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