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  • The Official Travel Guide of the Maldives

    Terms and Conditions of Co-exhibiting with MMPRC

    MMPRC’s role as the Exhibitor: MMPRC concludes a participation Agreement with the Exhibition organizer, rents exhibition space, reserves a ready-made stand or stand of special design and supplementary services the event organizers whose name and/or logo is /are on the fascia of the stand it has rented or set up and its data are published in the catalogue, who is responsible for the targeted and careful use of the rented exhibition space, fair equipment and design elements. MMPRC has to inform organizers in advance in writing of the co-exhibitor. Co-exhibitor contact data are published in the relevant catalogues accordingly.

    Members’ role as co-exhibitors: The co-exhibitor is an exhibitor who participates on the exhibition space rented by MMPRC. This includes Maldivian and other national and regional tourist organizations, resorts, safari vessels, tour operators and travel agents, transport companies, hotels, other accommodation, publishers and associations of above fields, and companies providing related consultancy services for travel agencies and any other kind of companies connected to the travel trade can participate in the events. 

    Number of representatives by a Member: The standard number of representatives of each Member to an Exhibition is TWO.  If any members wish to take any additional staff or representatives they should pay an additional fee, which is levied on progressive basis for each additional staff. 

    Exhibition List: In the Fourth Quarter of the calendar year MMPRC will upload in their website Exhibitions/Fairs List. Members are entitled for FREE participation in some Fairs (especially fairs that are being participated for the first time).

    Participation in the Exhibition:  MMPRC will circulate to all members Invitation to take part in Fairs. Those who wish to take part would be required to submit the circulated Co-Exhibitor Registration Forms with relevant payment to MMPRC before the stipulated deadline. Co-Exhibition application will be accepted and allocated on first come first service basis. As the exhibition spaces are limited, number of allowable spaces will be communicated in the invitation for participation. In order to facilitate the registration process all the representative(s) of the organizations should submit:. 

    1. Completed Co-exhibitor Registration Form

    2.  Maldivian – Passport Copy – if participating for the first time

    3. Foreigners – Passport Copies + Work permit

    4.  Applicable Fee (if any). 

    The Fee structure below is applicable to all registered MMPRC members.


    Type of Establishment

    Participation Fee (Per exhibition)

    Late- Entry Fee (USD)

    Participation Fee after Late Entry Deadline (USD)


         1. Co-Exhibitor  Registration Fee, between USD 500 – USD 1000 + GST

         2. Additional staff USD 200 each + GST

    Will be informed if applicable

    Will be informed if applicable

    Safari Vessels

    Guest Houses 

    Travel Agents

    Dive Operators

    Transfer Companies

    Picnic Islands




    Foreign Tour Operators


         1. Co-Exhibitor  Registration Fee, between USD 500 – USD 1000 + GST

        2. Additional staff USD 200 each + GST

    Will be informed if applicable

    Will be informed if applicable


    Foreign Travel Agents


    1. In order to ensure the quality of Maldives stand, it is highly recommended to limit the number of participants from each MEMBER to two (2).

    2. If a company is registered as a member after the deadline of registration, MMPRC has the right to waive off the late entry fee for that particular member for  particular fairs


    Participation Fee for foreign Tour Operators and travel Agents: A participation fee of USD 500 + GST (United States Dollars Five Hundred Only) should be paid for each co-exhibitor if a foreign tour operator or travel agents wishes to take part in any exhibition. This fee will be applied to all the foreign tour operators and travel agents even though they have offices registered in the Maldives. In addition to the fee, they are also required to submit proof of existing business relationship/s with service providers in the Maldives with their Co- Exhibitor Registration Form.

    What is included for Co- Exhibitors Fee: For each co-Exhibitor MMPRC shall provide the following with no additional cost.
    -Registration Fees for TWO staff to participate in the exhibition 
    -Exhibitor Badges for the representative/s
    -Visa Fees (if MMPRC facilitates to obtain visa)
    -Freight a standard amount of promotional materials (up to 14 Kilos for each exhibition) to the applicable exhibition
    -Use the Exhibition Stand hired by MMPRC for meetings and to distribute promotional leaflets on sharing/space booked (whichever is applicable) 

    What is not included in Co- Exhibitors Fee
    -International and domestic airfares;
    -Meals not specified in a particular promotional event program;
    -Transfers and or airport tax
    -Items of a personal nature (eg. telephone bills, laundry etc);
    -Travel insurance – this is the responsibility of each attending delegate; and
    -Any hire of booth extras (eg. spotlights, AV equipment, additional signage etc)

    Exhibition Catalogue Listing: Duly registered co-exhibitors contact details and company profiles will be published according to the rules and regulations set forward by the event organizer. MMPRC cannot guarantee a listing for late entries.

    Terms of Payments: All the payments must be submitted to MMPRC either by cash/cheques (drawn in favor of Maldives Marketing and Public Relation Corporation) or by bank transfers to the following account.

    Bank: Bank of Maldives PLC
    Address: BML Building 11/ Boduthakurufaanu Magu
    20094 Male’, Maldives
    Beneficiary: Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation Ltd
    USD  Account No. 7701-700719-001
    Swift Code: MALBMVMV

    Cancellation and Disqualification: All cancellations must be confirmed in writing. In the case of cancellation participation fees will not be reimbursed.  In the event where applicant is disqualified MMPRC will issue a document stating the reason(s) for disqualification.

    If the cheque/s submitted to MMPRC is dishonored by the bank beyond reasonable grounds, the party will be automatically disqualified to represent in the Exhibition organized or facilitated by MMPRC.

    Promotional Material/Collateral
    -To maintain a consistent stand image, participants will not be permitted to erect or use any materials (posters, billboards) which might change the image of the stand. It is also not permissible to arrange raffle draws, surveys or any other event by any means without getting pre-approval in writing from MMPRC.
    -Weight of the materials will be limited by MMPRC depending on the size and type of the fair. The standard weight for each fair/road show will be 14 kilos. Any member who wishes to send materials in addition to the allowance stated above may do so be paying USD 2.95 per kg. The payment for the additional kilos has to be send together with the promotional materials. Participants should submit the amount/weight of informed by MMPRC prior to the deadline.. In order to use the storage area efficiently participants should get the pre-approval in writing from MMPRC before transporting the relevant materials to the stand.  
    -In order to distribute the most useful leaflets/brochures MMPRC encourages participants to take the relative language of leaflets/brochures for different fairs.
    -MMPRC will not take the responsibility in bringing back the materials left over after exhibition. However, if the participants wish to take back the materials they may do so on their own expense.
    -Participants must take the responsibility of forwarding the materials to the address provided by MMPRC prior to the deadline fixed by MMPRC. MMPRC will not accept any materials delivered after the deadline.
    Privacy: MMPRC considers the responsible use of personal information to be of vital importance.  MMPRC is committed to respecting your privacy. However, we do need information from you when you register for events.  This information may include your name, home or business address and e-mail address. Once MMPRC receives this information from you it is kept in a secure environment.
    The information collected in your event application is for the purpose of event registrations and event management and will only be shared with other organizations with a similar purpose to our own, such as other event participants and event contractors, for the purpose of event management.

    Privacy of other participants: MMPRC may provide co-exhibitor with information relating to other event participants. This information is confidential and is provided to you for the purposes of the event only. The information provided to you by MMPRC may be copyrighted and cannot be provided to a third party without the consent of MMPRC and any individuals whose information is included.

    Security: No specific security services will be provided for the event other than that of the organizer. However all participants are advised that all valuables should not be left unattended or unsecured at any time, as MMPRC will accept no responsibility for any loss or damage suffered by participants or visitors.

    Indemnity: All participants must indemnify and keep indemnified MMPRC, its officers, employees, agents and contractors against all liability for death of or injury to persons or loss of or damage to property and all actions, claims, demands, losses, damages, costs and expenses whatsoever arising in respect of their participation in this event, unless such liability is caused by the negligence of MMPRC
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