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  • The Official Travel Guide of the Maldives

    MMPRC Membership

    MMPRC membership is open to all companies and organizations involved in providing tourist facilities and services directly or indirectly. 

    Membership will be processed upon submitting the application form [Appendix 1] with respective payment. The tenor of membership is ONE calendar year (January – December). If an organization wishes to join MMPRC as a member after the start of the year, the membership fees will be calculated for the remaining part of the year on a quarterly basis. This is applicable only to the year in which the organization applies for its membership for the first time. Full annual membership fee would be applicable for all subsequent years irrespective of the time of renewal of membership.

    Membership fee: All the establishments/organizations who wish to become a member should pay an Annual Membership Fee as stipulated in Appendix 2 

    Membership Number: Upon granting membership, MMPRC will issue a Membership Number for each Member. Renewal of membership should be made before the 1st of December each year. 

    Membership Logo: Members will have the right to use ‘MMPRC Member’ logo as an identity of affiliation with MMPRC.


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