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    Digital and Social Media Department established at Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation

    The Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC), in its role as the National Tourist Office responsible to carry out destination marketing activities worldwide have established a digital and social media department.  The digital and social media department will hereafter undertake all activities in connection to marketing via digital and social media ensuring that social media platforms are utilised effectively in promoting the destination.     

    As we all agree, social and digital media is a solid marketing tool, which provides a most effective platform with its wide distributed nature to communicate destination marketing messages across to potential customers creating a strong synergy to any single destination marketing campaign.  Hence, such a department is vital at an era when social media has become the single most useful source of news and information, and individuals are increasingly turning to social media channels to get their information directly from the brand.

    The establishment of the digital and social media department comes at a timely manner when the MMPRC has in place a strategic digital and social media campaign to boost the arrivals to the destination to meet the set target of attracting 1 million tourists in 2012.

    Previously the digital and social media campaigns were run along with the marketing department as a cross function.  Placing a great emphasis on social and digital media will also ensure the communication messages reach its target audience in the most cost effective manner.    


    For further information please contact;

    Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation
    4th Floor | H. Velaanaage | Ameer Ahmed Magu | Male' 20096 | Rep. of Maldives
    Tel: +960 332 3228 | Email: mmprc@visitmaldives.com


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