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  • Der offizielle Reiseführer der Malediven

    REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL “Learn how to sell the Maldives in India” A Training Program for the Travel Agents and Tour Operators in the Indian Market

    In order to promote the Maldives and to implement our strategic plan to promote the destination in the Indian market, the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) are seeking companies that are interested to provide “Training Program for the Tourism Service Providers (Travel Agents and Tour Operators) in the Indian Market”.


    1. Back Ground Information.

    -The training program to be named as ‘Learn how to sell the Maldives in India’ and the training should be carried out in the following cities in India.

    • New Delhi
    • Mumbai
    • Bangalore

    -The training course should be conducted between October – December 2011 (Q4 2011).

    -The Bidder should be able to apply the diverse product of the destination and to help the trainee plan their tour packages of the Maldives for the inbound Indian customers with the guidance for strategy from the Maldives Marketing and PR Corporation (MMPRC).

    -The Bidder should be able to provide training for at least 50 travel agents/tour operators in each city.

    -The bidder should submit information on the facilities available and the methods that will be used during the training sessions. (Eg:- Online, Audio/Video or Interactive communication methods like Q & A)

    -The Bidder should clearly state the number of hours that will take in order to complete the full training program for each city.

    -A full list of staff involved in the training program should be submitted along with their CV.

    -A cost breakdown for each city should be quoted separately and needs to be submitted along with the proposal.

    -MMPRC will pay 50% of the total price quoted within 14 days of confirming the contract.  The balance payment will be settled within 14 days of the completion of the project.  That is, 14 days after the training has been completed.

    -Any cost which may arise outside of the above quotation shall be borne by the bidder.

    -All proposals should include the Company Profile (with information on work for past 2 years).

    -All the documents submitted along with the proposal must be in English.

    -Proposals received after the deadline or incomplete proposals will be disqualified.

    -All documentations necessary for the bid should be submitted.


    2. Deadline.

    -The deadline to submit the proposals is Thursday, 8th September 2011 and should be sent electronically to and copied to mode@visitmaldives.com 

    3.Evaluation  Criteria.

    Evaluation will be done by a panel of judges in MMPRC and bids will be evaluated according to the following criteria

    -Proposed budget for The Training Program 50%

    -Teaching Methods: - What methods will be applied and how the trainings will be carried out 10%

    -Company Background- 10%

    -Skills - CV Quality of the Staff used for Training - 15%

    -Past experience and excellence of work in similar projects 15%

    4. Enquiries

    For further information please contact:

    Mr. Mohamed Adam
    Deputy Director

    Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation
    Telephone: +960 332 3228, + 960 333 1824
    Fax: +960 332 3229
    Email: mode@visitmaldives.com


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